Change Your Nose. Change Your Self-Image.

The nose plays a starring role on the human face. After the eyes, it is the second focal point of the face. So, what do you do if you hate your nose? There’s a bump on the bridge. The tip is overly bulbous. The nostrils flare. There are many ways a person can hate seeing that nose in the mirror every morning.

So, why not do something about it? Let Dr. Fedele reshape your nose with nose surgery. Then you can have a nose you love seeing in that same mirror.


The clinical term for nose surgery is rhinoplasty. The goal is to improve the appearance and maybe the function of your nose. Dr. Fedele has various methods and options for changing your nose to fit your goals. He can shave off areas of support cartilage. Or he can build up areas that are proportionally too small. He can straighten a damaged nose or thin an overly wide nose. And thanks to Dr. Fedele’s advanced imaging software, he can show you exactly what your nose will look like long before you even schedule your surgery.

Different Reasons For Making A Change

Dr. Fedele has many different reasons for patients wanting to change their nose.

  • Surgery for the tip of the nose— If you believe the tip of your nose is too full and flat and lacks projection, Dr. Fedele can remove cartilage from inside the nose. Projection can be extended by using cartilage from the ear or nasal septum (or even synthetic material), grafting it onto the tip.
  • Columellar reduction or augmentation— The Columella is a fancy-sounding term for the little area of skin and cartilage under the nose between the nostrils. On some people, this sticks out from the underside of the nose and is visible. Fixing this is easy, as Dr. Fedele makes a small incision inside the nose and lifts the Columella so it stops protruding.
  • Dorsal reduction or augmentation— Humps are fine for whales and Quasimodo, but not your nose. Dr. Fedele gets rid of the hump on your bridge with dorsal reduction. An incision is made inside the nose and the cartilage on the bridge and bone of the nose is reduced.
  • Minimizing nostril flair— Although they come in handy for elementary school teachers, most people don’t like flaring nostrils. Dr. Fedele removes tissue at the corners of the nostrils (the Weir Excision) to decrease the flare and make the nose appear narrower.
  • Rhinoplasty for breathing— Your ability to breathe efficiently depends in part on the anatomical configuration inside your nose. This includes the condition of the nasal septum (the cartilage that divides your nose into two chambers), along with the nasal turbinate (tissue along the sides of the nasal wall). Usually Dr. Fedele can improve breathing by either straightening your septum or reducing the size of your turbinates. He can also repair previous injuries to improve breathing performance.

Are you ready to change your nose? Call Dr. Fedele at (216) 464-1616 and set up a consultation for nose surgery.

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