Liposuction Breast Lift

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The combination of liposuction and a breast lift is one comprehensive cosmetic procedure that transforms the appearance of your breasts. In certain cases, liposuction can be used to remove unwanted fat before further implementing the skin-tightening and repositioning techniques of a breast lift. Both of these procedures can be completed at the same appointment, resulting in more youthful and proportionate breasts.

At Dr. Gregory M. Fedele’s office in Cleveland, OH, we prioritize patient safety and comfort. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a welcoming environment where you can feel confident in your decision to undergo this transformative procedure. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with an artist’s appraoch, you can expect to receive superior quality care from Dr. Fedele. His experienced medical team and staff will ensure that your individual needs are met throughout your time at his practice. To schedule your consultation, please call (216) 464-1616 or fill out our contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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About Liposuction Breast Lifts 

A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, serves to reposition the breast mound and the nipple-areola complex to a higher, more youthful position on the chest. While it’s an effective procedure for many women, some may require or benefit from a bit of liposuction- a procedure in which a thin instrument called a cannula precisely suctions out deposits of fat. This is due to the fact that not all breasts with sagging, or ptosis, experience a loss of volume

In other words, women who are well-suited for a liposuction breast lift have heavy, large breasts that hang too low or have downward-pointing nipples. Factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can lead to this aesthetic outcome. Liposuction is an ideal procedure for these types of patients since fibrous and glandular tissue only makes up a small portion of the breasts- most of the size and shape is determined by the amount of fat tissue. (1) 

Whenever liposuction is performed on the breasts, it is considered a type of mammaplasty, or an alteration of the volume or size of the breasts. This makes liposuction breast lifts both a mastopexy and reduction mammaplasty at the same time.

Benefits of Liposuction Breast Lifts 

With this procedure, you can experience a multitude of benefits that will enhance both your physical appearance and your self-confidence. Here are the comprehensive advantages you can expect:

  • Restores perky, youthful, and symmetrical breasts 
  • Tightened, taut skin that supports your breast shape and volume
  • Doesn’t affect the glandular tissue of the breast, the structures responsible for milk production 
  • Requires only 1 week of downtime
  • Breast lift scars fade significantly within 1 year
  • No follow-up procedures required
  • The size of the areola can be modified 
  • Lifted nipples that point outward instead of downward 
  • Outpatient procedure 

Candidates for Liposuction Breast Lift

Candidates for a liposuction breast lift are at least 18 years of age, in good health, and have realistic expectations. Ideally, candidates should be non-smokers, but those who are willing to quit for a few weeks may be considered for the surgery. Finally, prospective patients shouldn’t plan on getting pregnant since weight gain and hormones can dramatically affect the results. 

Personal Consultation

A personal consultation with Dr. Fedele at our practice in Cleveland, Ohio is the first step towards achieving your desired aesthetic enhancement through liposuction breast lift. During this comprehensive consultation, Dr. Fedele will take the time to understand your unique cosmetic goals and concerns. He will carefully review your medical history and conduct a thorough examination of your breasts and surrounding areas. He will discuss the incision sites and provide detailed information on the surgical technique he will employ to achieve optimal results. He also will also explain the importance of post-operative care and the recovery period following the procedure. To get in touch with his office, call (216) 464-1616 or request your appointment through our contact form.  Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in taking the first step toward a confident new you. 


Regardless of the type of breast augmentation, the preparation process is about the same. Dr. Fedele may require some blood tests to ensure that you’re in good health. He will also review any current supplements and medications and may make some adjustments. For example, he will require that you stop taking blood-thinning medications in order to prevent the likelihood of excessive bleeding during the surgery. If you are a regular smoker, he will advise that you quit at least 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure to get your circulatory system working optimally. Finally, you should follow any other specific instructions that Dr. Fedele gives you, pick up your prescriptions, and refrain from eating the night before. 

Liposuction Breast Lift Procedure

Firstly, Dr. Fedele will place you under general anesthesia. He will begin with the liposuction portion of the procedure by injecting a solution called tumescent fluid superficially into the breasts. This fluid is made of epinephrine to efficiently separate the fat from other important tissues in the breast and lidocaine for further numbing. This fluid also reduces blood loss and allows Dr. Fedele to have more control over his sculpting techniques. 

Next, he will make a well-hidden incision of only a fraction of an inch and insert the cannula to suction fatty tissue. After a certain amount of fat is removed, he will place gauze and surgical tape on each of the breasts’ incisions and begin with the breast lift portion. He will then make one of three incisions, depending on your unique anatomy: 

Circumareolar Incision

With this technique, Dr. Fedele will make the incision immediately around the areola, ensuring that the scar is concealed by the darker skin. This type of incision allows for size reduction of the areola, but it only tends to work with mild or moderate breast sagging. 

Keyhole Incision

This type involves a circumareolar incision and a straight, vertical incision from the nipple to the lower crease of the breast. It is also commonly referred to as a “lollipop” incision. It is best suited for correct moderate sagging. 

Anchor Incision

The “anchor” incorporates the circumareolar and keyhole incisions, but there is an added horizontal incision that follows the underside of the breast. This method can allow Dr. Fedele the best opportunity to fix moderate or severe sagging with precision. It is also the most commonly chosen method for breast lifts, in general. (2)

After utilizing one of these incisions, he will excise skin and use reshaping techniques. 

Recovery and Results

Since it’s an outpatient procedure, you’ll need someone to drive you home. For the first few days, you may notice some swelling and bruising. Your prescription medications will keep you comfortable during your recovery period, but over-the-counter medications are viable alternatives, so long as it’s approved by Dr. Fedele. Dr. Fedele requires that his breast lift patients take at least 1 week off from their job. If your work involves strenuous activities, you may need to take at least 3 weeks off. 

A few days into your recovery, you’ll be able to take off your initial dressings, but you will have to replace it with a surgical bra for the next 4 to 6 weeks. During this stage, you will have to wear the garment fulltime with the exception of showers. Dr. Fedele will schedule routine appointments so check on the progress of your healing. 

Within 6 to 8 weeks, you will notice that most of your swelling has subsided and your final results are beginning to settle in. Although you will still have scars, they will fade significantly given enough time; usually, the process takes about 1 year.  You should consult Dr. Fedele on when you can begin scar treatments so that they may fade quicker. This may include scar massage, scar creams, and silicone gel sheets. Most importantly, you should ensure that you consume enough protein in your diet, keep your skin moisturized, and avoid sun exposure. The procedure can result in beautifully enhanced breasts that are not only firmer and perkier but also more proportionate to your individual body shape.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Breast Lift 

With Dr. Fedele’s techniques for a mastopexy, you won’t experience a change in the volume of your breasts, but you’ll get the lifting benefits. 

Breast Reduction 

A breast reduction is similar to a breast lift, except that more breast tissue is removed, not just lax skin. It can be considered medically necessary due to patients’ limited mobility, chronic rashes, and the presence of back pain. Since it’s a functional procedure, insurance may be able to cover the cost. 

Cost of a Liposuction Breast Lift in Cleveland

The cost of a liposuction breast lift procedure will be determined based on several factors specific to each patient’s unique treatment plan. These factors include the techniques utilized, the extent of surgery required, and any additional medical treatments or cosmetic procedures involved. The total cost of this procedure will be discussed during your personal consultation. Dr. Fedele understands that financial considerations are an important aspect of your decision-making process. To be as accommodating as possible, we offer CareCredit for those looking for a more affordable option. 

Find out what a liposuction breast lift can do for you. To get in touch with Dr. Fedele’s scheduling staff, call (216) 464-1616 or fill out a form for more details.


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