Circumferential Tummy Tuck

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A circumferential tummy tuck, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin from around the midsection at all angles. Unlike a standard tummy tuck, the circumferential tummy tuck creates smoother, slimmer contours from the front of the abdomen to the back, providing 360-degree results that are more comprehensive and more natural-looking. The procedure can form a more defined waist and elevate the buttocks and thighs for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight from bariatric surgery, weight loss medications such as semaglutide, or a combination of diet and exercise.

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With more than 20 years of experience in the latest plastic surgery techniques, Dr. Gregory Fedele offers patients a means of transforming both their bodies and confidence. Dr. Fedele prides himself in carrying out his procedures with his artistic eye, ensuring that patients can attain their goals with precision and safety in mind.

If you feel that you could benefit from a circumferential tummy tuck, book your consultation with Dr. Fedele by calling his office in Cleveland, OH at (216) 464-1616 or requesting an appointment via his contact form. His staff will get back to you regarding available appointment dates and times that will work best for your schedule. 

Lax Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss is an incredible feat for anyone who has struggled with obesity and weight-related conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, for many, getting to a normal weight still doesn’t result in achieving a body they can feel most comfortable with. Those who can shed the pounds are met with loose, sagging skin that is unable to retract back to the newly formed contours. Fat deposits can shrink, or atrophy, with weight loss, but abdominal skin is often left hanging, leaving patients with a variety of physical issues like skin irritation, rashes, and infections. This can also lead to poor body confidence and low self-esteem. Not only that, but clothing can become a challenge, and intimate relationships can suffer. A circumferential tummy tuck can target the part of the body that often develops the most lax skin, the entire midsection, comprehensively alleviating these issues.

With rapid weight loss comes dramatic changes to skin composition. The skin experiences a rapid increase in a connective protein called elastin and a decrease in collagen. Collagen provides the skin with the necessary rigidity it needs to “snap back” into place, a recoiling effect characteristic of youthful skin. Oftentimes, the remaining collagen is not only weak, but it is misaligned and thinner than before. (1) After loss of fat volume, the skin cannot replace the lost collagen, and surgery is the only viable option to achieve smooth and taut skin once again.

Tummy Tuck vs. Circumferential Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck includes skin removal from the front of the midsection; sometimes, the surgeon extends the incision to include the flanks. During this procedure, the surgeon may utilize permanent sutures to repair the separation of the abdominal muscles- a common occurrence after pregnancy. Surgeons make one incision from hip to hip low enough to be hidden by the waistline of pants, bathing suits, and most other clothing options.

A circumferential tummy tuck is designed to safely remove excess skin around the midline with longer incisions that encircle the trunk. Surgeons can perform a belt lipectomy for patients who have a larger flap of skin and fat called a pannus. Sometimes, this skin can sag over the thighs and hips, dramatically affecting mobility and overall comfort. Though surgeons place the suture line as low as a standard tummy tuck, they will need to make added circumferential incisions to be able to remove the extra tissues. In some cases, patients may benefit more from undergoing the procedure in two parts with months of healing in between- one procedure for the back and one for the front side.

Benefits of a Circumferential Tummy Tuck

A circumferential tummy tuck can create amazing results in several areas of the midsection, allowing you to look your very best from every angle. There are numerous benefits: 

  • A slimmer, more contoured abdomen
  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • More youthful and natural-looking tighter skin
  • Reduced stretch marks and deep folds
  • Eliminate fat deposits
  • Lifted upper buttocks and more flattering upper thighs
  • More shapely and enhanced hips and lower back
  • Discreet scarring under the belt line

Candidates for a Circumferential Tummy Tuck

Circumferential tummy tucks are suitable for those who:

  • Have lost a massive amount of weight
  • Have significant amounts of excess skin throughout the midsection
  • Are in good overall health with no uncontrolled medical conditions
  • Have a BMI of 30 or under

Dr. Fedele prefers that his tummy tuck patients be non-smokers, but he will consider those who will commit to quitting for a 4-6 weeks to improve their healing capabilities. Cigarettes and other nicotine products can have a dramatically negative effect on circulation. In addition to these requirements, patients should be able to demonstrate the ability to maintain a stable weight for a few months before surgery. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other treatable conditions should be able to undergo the procedure if they work to manage them long before their scheduled surgery date.

Personal Consultation

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Fedele to learn more about the circumferential tummy tuck will help you decide whether or not the procedure is right for you. In this first appointment, he will highlight the benefits of the surgery and what to expect during your recovery. He will assess the excess tissues of your abdomen and get a comprehensive idea of the results you would like to see post-procedure. Everyone’s journey with weight loss is different, which is why Dr. Fedele uses his aesthetic vision to provide a unique approach for each patient.

To take the first step toward the body you desire today, call his practice in Cleveland at (216) 464-1616 or let us know more about your specific concerns by inquiring with our contact form

How to Prepare

To prepare for this procedure, Dr. Fedele will make sure that you follow and complete these steps to promote a smooth, complication-free procedure and recovery period: 

  • Complete the ordered lab tests
  • Stop all anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning substances
  • Undergo any other necessary imaging/medical tests
  • Stop smoking at least 1 month before
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult Dr. Fedele on any other issues concerning your current medications and/or supplements

Procedure Steps

Dr. Fedele will begin the procedure by precisely marking how much tissue to resect, or remove, and the locations of the incision lines. Next, his anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia so you will be completely free of any discomfort during the procedure. They will prescribe antibiotics to mitigate your risk of developing an infection.

First, Dr. Fedele may reduce the amount of fat and more accurately determine how much skin to remove by employing liposuction techniques. With liposuction, he will first make a couple of incisions that are a fraction of an inch in diameter. Through these incisions, he will administer tumescent fluid, a solution that will engorge the targeted fat deposits and limit blood loss. After this, he will place a cannula in the subcutaneous layer, suctioning pockets of fat away.

Finally, Dr. Fedele will make midsection incisions to access and remove the excess tissue in between them. For the back, he will make horizontal incisions to remove lower back bulges and excess flank tissue. After removing skin and fat, he will use layered, supportive sutures to elevate the buttocks and provide some elevation for the inner and outer thighs. For the front side of the abdomen, he will preserve the naval as he makes incisions above and below it to remove the pannus. He may include the same muscle suturing techniques included in a regular tummy tuck where there is muscle weakness or separation. The resulting suture lines will heal into concealable scars placed at the belt line, hence the name “belt lipectomy”. He will place surgical drains to allow fluid to drain faster during the first few days of your recovery.

Recovery and Results

It usually takes about 1 month of downtime before you can return to your normal daily activities without accommodations or help. Dr. Fedele will provide you with a prescription compression garment that will combat swelling and protect your incisions as they heal. Your medications will help ease your discomfort during these first few days of your recuperation. Dr. Fedele will be sure to schedule you for follow-up appointments to monitor your healing progress. You will be able to enjoy the look of your final results- without any swelling- by the 3-6-month mark. After the healing period, you will be able to return to your usual gym routine and other more strenuous physical activities.

Cost of Circumferential Tummy Tuck in Cleveland

The cost of your circumferential tummy tuck will depend on anesthesia fees, surgical fees, medications, follow-ups, and the overall extent of the surgery. Though Dr. Fedele believes that patients should invest in a quality procedure to get quality results, he understands that many may not find it feasible to pay out-of-pocket. For this reason, he offers patients affordable payment plans with CareCredit, a trusted medical financing company. To learn more about Dr. Fedele’s approaches to cosmetic surgery, read through our blog.

For personalized assistance to arrange your circumferential tummy tuck, book your consultation online today, or call (216) 464-1616 to reach our office in Cleveland, OH. We can’t wait to help you attain the ideal body you have been striving to achieve. 


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