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Laser Hair Removal Cleveland

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure to get rid of troublesome hair in various places on the body. To remove unsightly hair, people turn to razors, harmful chemicals, and unpleasant waxing. These solutions only provide short-term results. Depending on our genes, unwanted hair can sprout up around just about any part of the body. From our face to our legs to our bikini line, this hair can be difficult to manage and even more difficult to eliminate entirely. That is why Dr. Gregory Fedele is proud to offer the Cutera Laser to his Cleveland clientele. The Cutera Laser is a state-of-the-art, skin-safe laser that treats a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. From unwanted hair to sunspots and wrinkles, the Cutera Laser is a versatile technology that is perfect for any skin type. If you would like to see how the Cutera Laser can deal with your prickly, unwanted hair, schedule a consultation at our Cleveland offices. Here, Dr. Fedele and his team of aesthetic nurses may also recommend other simple additions to your Cutera procedure. To speak with us directly, please call (216) 464-1616.

About Laser Hair Removal

Lasers have been used in dermatology since the 1960s. To treat a wide range of conditions, the laser must operate at specific wavelengths. These various wavelengths target different cells in the skin and reach different depths in the dermis. Laser hair removal uses “selective photothermolysis”: a term that refers to the differing powered pulses of laser energy that is absorbed by the chromophores in the skin. To focus on the melanin in the hair follicles, the laser is adjusted to a wavelength between 300 and 1200nm.[1] The melanin in the hair shaft absorbs the low wavelength energy before the rest of the energy can damage the surrounding tissue. Other areas of the hair structure like the hair matrix absorb the laser energy. The heat from the laser energy diffuses into the follicle, hampering future regeneration.[2] After this step in the process, future hair growth from the treated follicles is effectively limited. 

Benefits of The Cutera Laser

Laser Hair Removal Cleveland

There are many different dermatological lasers on the market, but none quite like the Cutera Laser. With the Cutera Laser, patients receive an effective yet safe solution to stubborn, hard-to-groom hair, and certain benefits are exclusive to the Cutera Laser. 

Safe For All Skin Types

The Cutera Laser operates a longer, lower wavelength (1064nm) as opposed to other dermatological lasers. In the past, other types of laser have used higher wavelengths to treat unwanted hair. For patients with darker skin types, these lasers commonly left white spots or hyperpigmentation in the treatment areas. Cutera’s 1064nm Nd: YAG laser is low enough to still be effective at destroying follicular structures while keeping the patient’s skin tone even and unchanged.[3] When applied to the skin, the low-level laser energy permeates 5-7 millimeters into the skin and absorbs into the follicular structures. For lighter hair, the laser’s wavelength can drop to a lower setting.

Long-Lasting Results

After a couple of sessions with the Cutera Laser, patients will start to notice the pigment and coarseness of the treated hair begin to change. Hair that does regrow will be lighter and thinner. With multiple treatments, patients see the best results.[4] Unlike shaving, waxing, and chemical products that need consistent usage to maintain smooth results, laser hair removal offers a long-lasting solution for unsightly, unwanted hair. 

Simple Procedures

Before your procedure, we treat the target area with a topical anesthetic cream to numb any pain or discomfort from the laser. These procedures are non-invasive, quick, and easy, only requiring up to an hour of your time –– depending on the size of the target area.

Built-In Cooling System

The Cutera Laser has a built-in copper cooling system to mitigate any pain or discomfort during the procedure. With other laser hair removal devices, the thermal energy is hard to control and regulate, typically resulting in burns and painful marks on the skin. However, with the copper cooling system, patients are exposed to a laser device that is expertly regulated and controlled to maintain a safe, non-ablative temperature that is ideal for targeting follicular structures in the dermis. 


If you are interested in laser hair removal, the first step is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Fedele or a member of our team at our Cleveland offices. Here, we will be able to assess if you are eligible for the Cutera Laser. Typically, our patients fall under this criteria:
  • Have unwanted hair on one or more areas of their body. We can treat the face, underarms, legs, bikini lines, and back with the Cutera Laser.
  • Have found only limited results, if any, after trying other hair removal methods.
  • Are interested in a fast and easy procedure with no downtime!
  • Wish to see smoother, more radiant skin. 

Why Choose Dr. Fedele

Cleveland native, Dr. Fedele has trained and worked in Ohio for most of his career. He is a renowned plastic surgeon who prides himself on highlighting his patients’ intrinsic beauty through simple surgical and non-surgical procedures. In addition to providing top-of-the-line medical care, Dr. Fedele is also a medical illustrator, having published over 100 illustrations in medical textbooks and scientific journals. With his knowledge, skills, and experience, Dr. Fedele and his team are equipped to achieve your ideal aesthetic results.

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time with us, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Laser hair removal might be your sole cosmetic concern or might be on a list of other conditions. We will listen to each one of those concerns and recommend appropriate measures or procedures to help you look and feel your best. We will examine your unwanted hair and determine if the Cutera laser is right for you. Because laser hair removal requires more than one session, we will schedule your treatments a couple of weeks apart to allow for proper healing to take place in the treated area before another round occurs. We’ll give you a list of preparatory steps for you to follow in the meantime.


To prepare for your procedure and achieve optimal results, we recommend following this list of steps:

  • Avoid using any topical products that cause photosensitivity. These products include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinols, and alpha-hydroxy acids. Check the back of the skin care product to see if it includes one of these or ask our trained nurses for assistance. 
  • Shave the target areas 24 hours before your treatment. Also, be sure not to tweeze or wax the areas for at least 2 weeks before your session. 
  • Don’t undergo Botox, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or dermal fillers procedures 2 weeks beforehand.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure before your procedure. You can undergo this treatment with tanned skin but not with skin that is sunburnt. 

If you have any questions about preparatory steps, be sure to call us at (216) 464-1616.


While the Cutera Laser includes a copper cooling system to keep patients comfortable, we also commonly administer topical anesthetic before applying the thermal energy. Next, we take the Cutera device and treat each of the patient’s target areas. The laser will generate pulsing thermal energy that will permeate through the skin and destroy the follicular structures under the skin. Patients liken the feeling to that of a warm rubber band flicking their skin. We will regulate the thermal temperature and the cooling system’s power depending on the patient’s preferences. Once we have fully treated each area, you will be free to resume your daily activities

Recovery & Results

Laser Hair Removal Cleveland

For the next few days, keep the treated areas protected from prolonged exposure to UV rays. Also, be sure not to apply any topical products during this time. The area will be tender, but this feeling will subside in the next few days. As the hair grows back, it will be fainter and thinner. After a few more short sessions, the hair will hardly be able to grow back at all. 

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Cleveland?

We will determine the cost of your procedure during your consultation. The cost of your care will depend on the number of areas you have treated as well as any other procedures included in your personalized treatment plan. To stay up to date on all the latest things happening in the plastic surgery community, be sure to check out our blog. Also, new patients find it useful to read up reviews of previous clients. Check out our reviews by clicking here


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