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Breast augmentation with lift is an integrated surgical procedure that increases breast size and positions them to a more flattering position on the chest. An augmentation adds volume to the chest with implants, while a breast lift elevates the breasts to higher, more youthful perch. Together, these two procedures provide patients with a more natural and perkier look for their breasts. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Fedele specializes in breast augmentation with lift for his patients in Cleveland, OH. If you are considering a breast augmentation with lift, Dr. Fedele can help you determine if the procedure is right for you and, if so, which approach will best achieve your desired results. Call (216) 464-1616 or fill out our inquiry form, and we will contact you shortly.

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About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a highly popular procedure that increases the size and volume of the breast profile. Your consultation with Dr. Fedele will discuss the following specifications: Saline or Silicone 

Saline or Silicone

Dr. Fedele can utilize either silicone (silicone gel) or saline (salt water). Both offer their own set of unique characteristics. Saline implants can be easily inserted into the breast pocket and filled to meet your desired needs. Or, you can choose pre-filled silicone implants to imitate the breast tissue’s natural feel and texture. 


Finding your natural size for your new look is measured in cubic centimeters or cc’s, not bra size. You can get an idea of your new look with sample implant sizers at your consultation. 


The shape of your implants comes in round and teardrop. Round implants are quite popular with patients because of their dedication to increasing volume. On the other hand, teardrop implants are shaped to mimic the breast’s natural contours to provide a subtle, elegant look.

Incision Techniques

Dr. Fedele will determine the exact incision technique required to provide the correct amount of lift for the breasts. He performs three standard incision methods. Incision length and location will depend on the amount of tissue removed and the size and shape of the implant being placed.

Periareolar or Circular Incision: Dr. Fedele gently makes a discreet incision around the dark circular area around the nipple, which conceals any scarring. This technique will benefit women looking for a subtle lift yet striking improvement. [1] 

Vertical or Lollipop Incision: This incision technique is typically reserved for patients with considerable skin and tissue to remove. The incision resembles a lollipop shape because an incision is made around the areola and extends downward to the breast crease. [2][3] The excess tissue can then be removed from the borders of the incisions, which are then sutured shut to lift the entire breast mass. 

Anchor Incision: Uses similar incision techniques as a vertical technique but requires an additional incision along the inframammary crease below each breast. [3] This technique is for women who require a more extensive lift. 

What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Lift?

The combination of an augmentation and lift procedure does an excellent job of correcting the shape, volume, and projection of a women’s breast profile. Patients can also enjoy other uplifting benefits, including 

  • Reducing redundant skin or lax skin
  • Relocating the breast and areolas to a flattering position while increasing volume
  • Eliminating the need to have multiple surgeries
  • Enhancing the breast shape and dimensions
  • Reducing surgery and recovery times
  • Less scarring and skin removal
  • Cost-effective procedure
  • More exciting clothing options!

Ideal Candidates for the Procedure

Breast augmentation with lift has helped countless people change their breast appearance caused by aging, weight fluctuations, or childbirth. Candidates considering the procedure should be mindful of the following criteria when making their decision. They include: 

  • Being physically healthy without underlying issues 
  • Not smoking or willing to stop the habit temporarily 
  • A desire to correct breast ptosis or lax skin 
  • A willingness to restore breast proportions, buoyancy, and appearance
  • Having completed their family planning journey and breastfeeding 

Questions about candidacy, how the procedure works, and more will be answered at your consultation with Dr. Fedele in Cleveland, OH. Schedule yours today by making an appointment online or calling (216) 464-1616

Personal Consultation with Dr. Fedele

About Dr. Fedele

Dr. Fedele is deeply rooted in the great state of Ohio and finds it extremely rewarding to improve the lives of his patients, helping the residents of Cleveland and beyond. His breadth of knowledge and extensive experience have made him an authoritative cosmetic surgeon in the region. He is an artist, and his skills are reflected in the incredible outcomes of his patients. 

Meeting with Dr. Fedele

Your consultation will be a transparent conversation about the procedure and how you can stand to benefit from it. First, Dr. Fedele will ask questions about your health and the results you wish to see. During this time, you are free to ask any questions about the surgery to assist you in making an educated decision about your desired aesthetic. He will then examine your breast profile, dimensions, and skin elasticity. After determining the best approach, he will discuss how the treatment will revamp your breast size and shape. If you decide to move forward, we’ll go ahead and schedule your surgery. We’ll direct you to our friendly front desk staff, who can provide you with a customized list of pre-surgery instructions to follow. Please be sure to follow these items carefully to ensure the best experience possible. 

Get the process started and schedule an appointment at our practice in Ohio. We can also set up your consultation over the phone if you call us directly at (216) 464-1616. 


Preparing for your treatment is stress-free. Only a few steps should be followed in the weeks leading up to your surgical procedure. They include: 

  • Stop tobacco consumption, including e-cigarettes because nicotine can inhibit recovery.
  • Kindly ask someone you know to take you home, as the effects of anesthesia will impair your ability to drive. 
  • Readjust your medication intake of certain prescription drugs because they may cause excessive bleeding. 
  • Go to the pharmacy and pick up the medication prescribed by Dr. Fedele
  • Talk with your employer and take 1-2 weeks off to recuperate. 

The Procedure 

At the start of your procedure, we’ll give you the appropriate anesthesia so that you’re resting peacefully. Once this happens, Dr. Fedele will utilize the above-mentioned incision techniques around the breast tissue areola to insert the implant beneath the skin. All incisions are carefully made to minimize their appearance once healed. Redundant skin and tissue are then removed, and the remaining breast tissue is reshaped to produce a pleasing contour. [2] Next, the nipple and areola are relocated to a higher position on the breast mound. Finally, Dr. Fedele finishes the surgery by neatly suturing the incisions closed. 

Recovery and Results 

The recovery process starts when you return home and after the effects of anesthesia wear off. Use this time to recuperate responsibly so you can bounce back to your regular life as quickly as possible and avoid complications. Each person heals at a different pace, but many patients can restart light activity in about a week. You may experience moderate soreness, swelling, and bruising during this week. Take the prescriptions per Dr. Fedele’s orders. You’ll be given a compression garment to wear around your chest to protect your new look. Physically demanding activities can resume in six weeks, and within two months, you should be able to move around more freely. 

Allow for a few months to pass to see your new breast profile. Only time will allow the implant to get settled in place and the recovery symptoms to subside. When they do, you can enjoy your beautiful results. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Dr. Fedele offers a selection of surgical options that enhances our patients’ appearance and their self-confidence. Your consultation will discuss all options available to you as you look to enhance your breast profile. 

Breast Augmentation 

Breast Augmentation can easily be performed separately or combined with a lift procedure. Patients do not have to have both treatments. 

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) 

A Breast Lift corrects breast ptosis. Just like an augmentation procedure, patients can opt to have this procedure done independently or combine it with an augmentation procedure.

Breast Implant Revision 

Breast Augmentation Revision surgery simply allows patients to replace their old implants with newer ones; this procedure can go hand in hand with breast augmentation with a lift or be done as a standalone procedure.

What is the Cost of a Breast Augmentation in Cleveland, OH? 

Our lovely staff members are happy to discuss financial matters with you. We’ll explain the details of your surgery, including the implants and surgical techniques used—all of which are factored into the final price. Schedule an appointment at our practice in Ohio or call us directly at (216) 464-1616 to get started.


How do I know if I need breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of the two? 

Usually, patients looking to address both lax skin and breast size will benefit from both procedures to achieve an effective solution. Only a consultation with Dr. Fedele will resolve this question. 

Will I have scars from my breast augmentation with lift procedure? 

Since this is a surgical procedure, there may be scarring because of the incisions. However, Dr. Fedele will ensure incisions are discreetly made along the areola and the natural creases of the breast tissue.


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