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The Art of Plastic Surgery is proud to offer premier skincare and medical aesthetic services to our Cleveland clientele, providing comprehensive care and state-of-the-art treatment options. Beautiful skin is no accident. Keeping our complexion vibrant and youthful requires expert care provided by dedicated skincare professionals. Through an initial consultation, our medical aestheticians will evaluate your skin’s unique conditions and develop a personalized treatment plan to rejuvenate and repair your natural beauty. We will recommend the services, products, and treatments to help you look and feel your absolute best. Each plan is designed on an individual basis by taking your skin type, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals into account. 

Dr. Gregory Fedele is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped thousands of patients achieve their ideal cosmetic results. If you are interested in aesthetic rejuvenation through non-surgical methods, please schedule a personal consultation at our Cleveland clinic. Consultations with our Medical Skin Care Clinic team are only $50, and this will be applied to any product or service purchased! To reach us directly, call our front desk at (216) 464-1616.


Missy Linc

Certified Medical Esthetician

Missy graduated from The Ohio State University with a goal to help others.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Services in 1999.  Working in all different facets of the social services field, she found her true passion to be helping others feel good about themselves. She went back to school for her License in Aesthetics, which she received from the International Dermal Institute. Missy has worked as an esthetician, educator, and trainer since 2003.  She is very dedicated to skincare and the impact healthy skin can have on a person.

Lisa Adams

Certified Medical Esthetician

Award winning esthetician and celebrated editorial makeup artist, Lisa has been recognized as Cleveland’s Best over the past two decades, in the areas of Best Facialist, Best Eyebrow Artist, Best Makeup Artist, and Best Brazilian Waxer. Lisa has studied skincare and makeup worldwide and has shared that knowledge with others as a trainer and educator for over 25 years.  Throughout her career, Lisa has worked with many celebrities and has been featured in a wide range of television, advertising, film and countless national publications. She has made it her life’s work to help others achieve beautiful healthy skin and a positive self-image.

About Facial Aging

When we’re younger, our skin has an abundant supply of collagen and elastin fibers that keep our skin moisturized and wrinkle-free. These fibers create a rope-like structure that withstands gravity, UV rays, free radicals, and pollution. When they are healthy, collagen and elastin fibers promote firm, youthful skin. These fibers are readily replenished by fibroblast cells that generate fresh collagen and elastin molecules to repair and replace existing fibers. However, like with all of our other body systems, fibroblast cells gradually slow down with age. Over time, our existing collagen and elastin fibers become depleted and disorganized. Wrinkles start to form, fine lines begin to appear, and our appearance ages. By the time we are 60, we have lost around 40% of our collagen supply.[1]


Exposure to sunlight often results in blotchy areas of hyperpigmentation. Also known as sunspots, these brown patches are the result of overly pigmented skin cells in our complexion. When skin cells absorb UV rays, melanocytes go into overdrive, producing excess melanin and causing affected cells to darken permanently. UV-induced hyperpigmentation is thought to play a protective role by preventing DNA damage in the dermis and epidermis.[2] However, the effect can add years to out appearance. Patients with sunspots often see them around their face, neck, hands, chest, arms, shoulders, and back. 

Chemical Peels/Skin Treatments

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Our professional facial treatments and pharmaceutical-grade chemical peels provide remarkable results with the latest world-class technology. Chemical peels are safely designed to treat patients of all skin types and those with different cosmetic conditions. From acne scars to sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines, there are a wide variety of chemical peels that are expertly formulated to treat your unique skin concerns. Our expert aesthetician will determine which one is best for your skin and will achieve your desired results. 

The Perfect Derma Peel $225, ½ Hour

The Perfect Derma Peel is a deeper peel for all skin types with moderate downtime. This peel is ideal for patients who struggle with:

  • Acne outbreaks
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sunspots
  • Enlarged pores

The Perfect Derma Peel is the only peel that contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that eliminates oxidative stress in skin cells. 

The Vitalize Peel $140, ½ Hour

A Vitalize Peel is a gentle blend of skin-safe ingredients to smooth surface texture and brighten the appearance of your complexion, all while reducing hyperpigmentation, breakouts, and oily skin. This light to moderate peel cleanses the skin’s surface without diving too deep. This gentle peel features little downtime. 

The Illuminize Peel $125, ½ Hour

For those interested in an introductory peel, the Illuminize Peel is a wonderfully simple choice. This peel uses carefully formulated acids to leave the skin rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged. It addresses superficial concerns like texture, tone, and overall appearance. Because it involves little to no downtime, many patients choose this peel as their lead-in to the world of chemical peels.

Alpharet Peel $125, ½ Hour

Utilizing the latest technology, the Alpharet Peel is a three-step peel system that improves tone, texture, mild photodamage, and early signs of aging. Lactic, Glycolic, and Salicyclic Acid work in harmony to exfoliate, brighten, and fortify your skin’s appearance. The Alpharet Peel is ideal for those interested in minimal to no downtime. 

Signature Peel $120, 45 Minutes

The Signature Peel tightens, lightens, and hydrates your skin at the cellular level, giving your appearance a total rejuvenation. After just one treatment, patients see a more youthful glow as the peel draws out their inner beauty. This light peel addresses superficial blemishes and requires no downtime. 

DermaPlane Facial $125, 45 Minutes 

DermaPlane is a skin rejuvenation procedure that removes facial hair, dead skin, and extraneous debris from your skin. This procedure leaves skin feeling smooth and exfoliated. Based on the patient’s needs, we follow a DermaPlane session with a topical light acid to enhance results. 

DermaPlane may be added to any of the above chemical peels for $50, however, it is not recommended in conjunction with the Perfect Derma Peel.

Camouflage Makeup $150

We all have blemishes or things on our skin that we would like to conceal. Whether it be birthmarks, a regretted tattoo, rosacea, acne scars, burns, vitiligo, melasma, or sunspots, these cosmetic concerns can impact our complexion and our confidence. Camouflage makeup helps patients conceal uneven pigmentation and texture. At your one-on-one appointment with our expert aestheticians, we will help you learn how best to use these products on your own. We often recommend Camouflage Makeup to cover post-op redness and bruising. During your one-on-one session, we will give you your own makeup kit and a lesson on how to use it best.

Facial Waxing Hair Removal

For unwanted facial hair, we offer facial waxing. This gentle and safe procedure is remarkable even for those most sensitive skin. 

  • Chin or lip (15 min.): $15
  • Brow (15 min.): $25
  • Chin/Lip/Brow (20 min.): $50
  • Sides of face (15 min.): $25
  • Eyebrow tint (15 min.) : $15
  • Eyelash tint (15 min.): $20

Eyelash Services

To enhance and darken the pigment of a patient’s eyelashes, we use eyelash tinting. This semi-permanent makeup service is quick, requires minimal maintenance, and provides instant results. An eyelid lift uses a keratin-based solution to naturally lift and curl eyelashes. Patients turn to these services in place of monotonously applying mascara every day.

  • Eyelash tint (15 min.): $35
  • Eyebrow lift (15 min.): $25
  • Eyelash lift and tint (45 min.): $100

Skin Care Products

We carry pharmaceutical-grade and physician-approved skincare products that serve an array of purposes. We are all tired of having bathroom counters covered with half-used, ineffective skincare products. At The Art of Plastic Surgery, we only offer the best and most advanced to our Cleveland clientele. These products include: 

  • Neova
  • Obagi
  • Revision
  • MD solar
  • Elta MD

Pearl Laser Hair Removal

The Pearl Laser uses safe and gentle laser energy to permanently reduce hair growth in targeted areas. To see lasting, desirable results, 4-6 treatments are recommended. 

  • 10% discount offered on 5 treatments paid in full. 6th treatment ½ price.
  • Upper lip : $150
  • Back of neck : $165
  • Chin : $190
  • Underarms : $190
  • Bikini line : $215
  • Brazilian : $440
  • Female lower face : $340
  • Male beard : $390
  • Arms : $390
  • Chest : $490
  • Lower legs : $490
  • Full legs : $590
  • Back : $59 

Countdown To Your Wedding Day!

Girl with towel is lookin in a mirror

Many brides-to-be seek out our services to make sure they are wedding-ready and look their absolute best on their big day. Since many of these treatments require different durations of downtime, and may require multiple sessions, we have a go-to calendar. But first, schedule a personal consultation at our Cleveland offices. This will help us develop a personalized plan that fits your unique concerns and schedule. 

6 Months Out

Now is the time to undergo a cosmetic surgery or enhancement procedure. This gives you enough time to focus on rest and recovery, waiting for any residual swelling and bruising to subside. Patients interested in zapping away unwanted hair begin treatments around this time too. Sessions are scheduled in 6-week intervals with the last appointment being 2-weeks before the wedding. 

4 Months Out

Interested in longer lashes and eyes that steal the show? Begin using LATISSE on your lash lines. This far out allows for the active ingredients to grow longer, healthier lashes for a captivating look. 

3 Months Out

At this time, we will introduce your skin to total rejuvenation. We will recommend different skincare products, anti-aging facials, and chemical peels to wash away blemishes and revive your natural beauty. These treatments improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, acne, and signs of aging. 

2 Months Out

Don’t let wrinkles distract you from the big day! For a naturally youthful look, we use BOTOX® Cosmetic or JUVÉDERM® to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines from your forehead, around the eyes, and encompassing the mouth. We can also add volume to lips, cheeks, and other areas of the face. 

1 Month-1 Week

For the wedding-ready look, we recommend DermaPlane or Signature facial. We may also utilize brow styling or lash services to achieve that polished, glowing look for your big day. 


  1. Reilly, D. M., & Lozano, J. (2021). Skin collagen through the life stages: importance for skin health and beauty. Plastic and Aesthetic Research, 2021. 
  2. Maddodi, N., Jayanthy, A., & Setaluri, V. (2012). Shining light on skin pigmentation: the darker and the brighter side of effects of UV radiation. Photochemistry and photobiology, 88(5), 1075–1082.