Don’t Avoid Wearing Sleeveless Outfits — Get An Arm Lift

There isn’t much good to be said about the slackening of our tissues that accompanies aging. But summertime can be especially tedious when you’re concerned about giggly upper arms. It’ll make you avoid wearing those sleeveless sundresses and fun blouses in your closet.

But an arm lift with Dr. Fedele can give you back arms you’ll be proud to show off.

What Is An Arm Lift?

The clinical term for an arm lift is brachioplasty, and it is intended to address the loose skin that develops on the underside of your upper arms with age. You would think you could remedy the situation with umpteen triceps exercises, but often this skin won’t respond to exercise. This is especially true if you’ve gained and then lost a significant amount of weight. Once the skin and supporting tissues on your upper arms stretch, it often won’t return to its former degree of tautness.

An arm lift is a surgical procedure where Dr. Fedele removes unwanted fat and excess skin from the upper arms and the area adjacent to the armpits. The result is upper arms that are firmer and contoured, upper arms you’ll proudly put on display in a bright new, sleeveless sundress.

Would An Arm Lift Help Me?

If you’re self-conscious about the loose skin on the underside of your upper arms, an arm lift could be a great procedure for you. If you have loose, excess, or sagging skin on your upper arms that don’t respond to exercise, or if you’ve lost lots of weight that created a loose skin on your upper arms, an arm lift can help.

The Procedure

For an arm lift, Dr. Fedele makes an incision on either the underside of your arm or the backside. It runs from the elbow to the armpit. Dr. Fedele will usually use liposuction to remove excess fat while tightening the underlying muscles and removing excess skin. If you don’t have too much excess skin, he may opt to perform a minimal incision arm lift, which uses only small incisions near the underarm area to tighten the upper arm. With either method, when the procedure is complete, you’ll go home with compression garments around your upper arms to help them adapt to their new tighter contour.


Most arm lift patients can return to work after one week and can resume normal exercise and activity within a month, although you have to be somewhat careful about lifting heavy objects. Swelling can last, on and off for up to a couple months. The scars from a full arm lift are long, but they fade dramatically over the next 18 months to where they will not be overly noticeable.

Put your loose upper arms behind you. Have Dr. Fedele tighten them back up with an arm lift. Call us at (216) 464-1616 to schedule a consultation.

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