Referral Rewards Program

Dr. Fedele and the staff at The Art of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery are instituting a Referral Reward Program for those patients who are loyal to this practice and refer friends and family to this office.

This Referral Reward Program will allow any current patient of Dr. Fedele and the Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery to obtain discounts on products and/or services for the continued support of DR. Fedele’s practice.

The reward level is illustrated below:

  1. Any skin care or make-up referral to our esthetician for services will receive 10% off their next skin care or make-up service.
  2. Any Botox or Juvederm patient referral will receive $25 off their next Botox or Juvederm treatment.
  3. Any referral for a cosmetic consult will receive 10% off their next skin care product or service.
  4. Any cosmetic surgery referral that results in a completed surgery on that referral will receive a one-time discount of 25% off any product or service, which would include any skin care product or service, Botox or Juvederm treatment, up to $250.00 off their next cosmetic surgery procedure.
  5. This Referral Reward will only be given to the current patient of Dr. Fedele’s that directly refers the new patient for the above listed products or services. This is not transferable. This is a one- time discount offered to the patients for their loyalty. One patient may refer more than one person and receive more than one discount as stated above.

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