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Face & Body waxing Hair Removal

Gentle and safe hair removal for even the most sensitive skin, of the face and body.

  • Abdomen (15) : $35
  • Arms full (½) : $50
  • Arms half (15) : $30
  • Arms under (15) : $25
  • Back or chest (1/2) : $45-55
  • Bikini (15) : $30
  • Bikini plus (15) : $45
  • Chin or lip (15) : $15
  • Brow (15) : $15
  • Sides of face (15) : $25
  • Legs full (45) : $65
  • Legs lower (1/2) : $30
  • Legs upper (1/2) : $55
  • Eyebrow tint (15) : $15
  • Eyelash tint (15) : $20

Pearl Laser Hair Removal

A permanent reduction in hair growth.
4-6 treatments recommended.
10% discount offered on 5 treatments paid in full. 6th treatment ½ price.

  • Upper lip : $150
  • Back of neck : $165
  • Chin : $190
  • Underarms : $190
  • Bikini line : $215
  • Brazilian : $440
  • Female lower face : $340
  • Male beard : $390
  • Arms : $390
  • Chest : $490
  • Lower legs : $490
  • Full legs : $590
  • Back : $59

Skin Care Products

We carry the following lines of physician grade cosmeceutical skin care products:

  • Neova
  • Obagi
  • PCA skincare

If you would like to order any of the products we carry, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected], or by calling the office: (216)464-1616. We will be happy to ship any product to you for a minimal shipping & handling fee.

Wedding Day

Countdown to your Wedding Day

6 months

The New You!

If you are considering a Cosmetic Enhancement Procedure give yourself enough time for recovery. Swelling and bruising can take a few months to subside.

Zap that unwanted hair!

You may need at least four Laser hair removal treatments to get smooth skin, so start early. Treatments are typically scheduled at 6 week intervals with the last appt two weeks before the wedding, giving time for any redness to subside.

4 Months

Lengthen those lashes!

Want to captivate him with your eyes and look great for your photos? Begin brushing LATISSE® on your lash line to allow enough time for the active ingredient to give your eyelashes that full glamorous look.

3 Months

Smooth your complexion!

Our Medical Esthetician can introduce you to skin rejuvenation, with the use of daily skin care, using our medical grade skin care lines, anti-aging facials or chemical peels. These treatments can improve the appearance of skin damaged by sun exposure, acne or the effects of aging, giving you a fresh, more radiant look for your special day.

2 Months

Erase fine lines!

For a wrinkle free, natural look and a minimally invasive way to remove fine lines from your forehead, eyes and around your mouth, BOTOX® Cosmetic or JUVÉDERM® can be used to relax facial muscles or add volume to lips, cheeks & other areas of the face.

1 Month

Make-up Artistry Lesson & Application

To look “picture perfect” meet our Licensed Medical Esthetician to learn about Make-up Artistry and GloMinerals, our mineral line designed to correct and protect. Learn how to work with our color palette, to achieve either an edgy or classic look.

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