Winter’s A Good Time To Show Unwanted Veins The Light

Even though we’re just getting started on another Lake Erie-fueled winter, it’s a good time to think ahead of the spring and summer months of shorts and swimsuits. And no one wants to have small, squiggly, web-like networks of red, blue, or purple lines on their legs and face.

Spider veins. Ugh. It’s enough to make you want to cover up, which is fine for now, but not when the warm weather returns.

Instead, it’s a good time to see Dr. Fedele and have him focus his Cutera CoolGlide Laser on your unwanted veins. The laser energy will tell those veins to beat it, and you’ll love the way your legs and face look without the spider veins.

Why Do I Have Spider Veins?

The veins are the pathways for de-oxygenated blood to return to the heart. In the legs, the veins have to fight an uphill battle. As we age our vein walls and surrounding tissues, which all work together to push the blood upward, weaken and can allow the blood to pool. This is usually the cause of varicose veins (which are the larger veins that bulge through the skin) and some larger spider veins.

Most small spider veins form due to a variety of factors: pregnancy, weight gain and loss, hormonal changes, and activities/occupations that require prolonged sitting or standing. Plus, some people are just more prone to their development than others.

How Does The Cutera Laser Get Rid Of My Spider Veins?

First, we apply a numbing agent to the skin above the veins to be treated. Next, we set the laser wavelength to match the color of the targeted vein. The pulse of laser light then penetrates the surface skin and is absorbed by the blood in the vein below. The light energy converts to heat, and the heat coagulates the blood inside the vein. This causes the vein walls to collapse, sealing off the vein. In most cases, the vein is immediately less visible, but throughout the next two weeks the body will scavenge and absorb the vein, and it will disappear.

Because our Cutera laser provides a longer wavelength, it can safely remove spider veins on both the legs and the face. Some veins require more than one treatment, but all veins diminish in appearance after just a single session.

Want to banish your spider veins to the sidelines before spring? Give yourself a gift of clear legs with our Cutera CoolGlide Laser vein treatments at Dr. Fedele’s.

Call us to make an appointment, (216) 464-1616.

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